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Franquicias Novum Publishing

Sector Editorial. Publican libros de nuevos autores

Valoración: 1,8 sobre 5

Datos franquicia

Creación: 1997
Propios: 2
Contrato: 5 años

Dirección Novum Publishing

Manuel Reisner
Rathausgasse, 73
7311 Neckenmarkt

Condiciones económicas de la franquicia

Inversión: 75.000 €
75 000€
Canon de Entrada:
Royalty: 4%
Canon de Publicidad:
Sistema de suministro: Ninguno

Ficha del negocio Novum Publishing

Claves del negocio: What you get: Adapted Microsoft IT-system (ERP-system) Adapted CMS for website Different types of protected publishing packages Intranet for optimal communication Franchise manuals ∑ Training and ongoing support

Condiciones básicas contrato franquicias

Contrato: 5 años

Formación de la franquicia Novum Publishing

Formación inicial:
Initial training of franchisee
Formación continuada:
Training and support in financing a novum publishing house

Franquicias Novum Publishing, Prestaciones a empresas

Descripción del negocio

Novum publishing franchise
your chance to run a successful business

Who is Novum?

Already existing S.L for takeover.
We are a publishing house for new authors situated in Austria and operating in the publishing market since 1997. Our novum publishing concept is based on the fact that many authors cannot find traditional publishers, because these publishing houses are snowed under with thousands of manuscripts and so most new authors are ignored. Therefore the solution and alternative for new authors is novum publishing, which offers a wide range of services beginning from contract-making with the author right through to a comprehensive marketing plan. These services require a cost-contribution by the authors. The cost contribution by the authors is the main pillar of turnover for the publishing house.

Our History
In the German speaking market we receive about 3,000 manuscripts per year. Out of these manuscripts, 600 new releases are generated each year. Over the years, we have developed an optimized Google AdWords campaign, through which most of the new authors come into contact with us online. As a result no active acquisition is needed in this industry.

After 13 years of success in the business, we are also developed our business offering in Hungary and Spain. Since 2010 there is an existing S.L in Palma de Mallorca. Since being in business we received about 400 manuscripts. Now this company can be taken over as a franchise unit. With these two pilot projects, we proved that the concept is also adaptable in foreign markets. In these two markets there is only one novum publishing house business, and we would envisage the same in any other foreign country. If you take the franchise licence in Spain, you will be the sole franchisee for this country and this huge market.

The novum publishing concept is ready. Become part of it now!



Ventajas de la Franquicia

  • over a decade experience in the book industry
  • Austrian qualities and standards
  • successful company owned pilot projects
  • support by the franchise center
  • faster and safer entrance into self-employment
  • fast market entrance
  • chance of development in your country
  • high earning potential
  • growth despite crises
  • unique and completely new franchise system

La Central franquiciadora

basic services

  • development, set-up and protection of the brand "novum publishing"
  • preparation of the franchise manuals including all guidelines
  • preparation of the novum publishing checklists
  • development of the corporate identity
  • development and steady optimization of our publishing packages
  • elaboration of the novum publishing marketing concept
  • development and granting of the novum publishing controlling tools
  • initial training of franchisee
  • development of business plan in cooperation with the franchisee
  • support in financing a novum publishing house
  • training of the employees of franchisee at novum publishing headquarters
  • development of training materials
  • staff support at go live


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Imágenes de la franquicia Novum Publishing

Novum Publishing
Novum Publishing

Los servicios al franquiciado

Asistencia técnica y Comercial: ongoing services: providing of the novum publishing composite mark providing of in-depth know-how organisation of advanced training organisation of advanced training via video conference analyzing of business processes and support further development and optimization of various publishing packages development and further development of novum publishing reporting system ∑ providing of highly developed controlling tools
Continuada: (the cover design, the page design and the production of the book will be done by the headquarters in Austria)

Perfil del Franquiciado

Perfil del franquiciado:
Entrepreneurial thinking Love for books Head for figures Leading experience Innovative mentality
If running your own publishing house sounds really exciting to you, then you are right, it is! Most people think that it is very difficult. Of course it is not that easy but it is far from "mission impossible". We give everyone a chance to become part of

Perfil del local de Novum Publishing

Superficie ideal:
0 m2
It's not necesary. You can work to home or office.

Franquicias internacionales

Presencia en el extranjero: Si

Productos de Novum Publishing

publishing services

  • cover design
  • page design
  • production of the book
Descripción gama:

Tasks of a novum publishing franchisee:

  • Offer/contract creation
  • Submission of information of new releases to booksellers
  • Submission of data and information of new releases to online shops
  • Submission of information of new releases to press and media
  • Order acceptance of books
  • Book shipping

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