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Gym chain expands despite pandemic: fit+ plans Studios in nine international markets

FIT+ | 21/04/2021 | 13:45

Gym chain expands despite pandemic: fit+ plans Studios in nine international markets

The operators of fit+ gyms are using the crisis to grow

Contactless somewhere in nowhere: Smart business models like fit+'s grow even during the lockdown. While gym members eagerly await the stumbling and press, the managers and franchisees of Germany's seventh-largest gym chain are expanding behind the scenes. Strong growth instead of shrinking is the motto: Torsten Boorberg and Björn Krämer, founder and managing director of  fit+ Deutschland Master GmbH  and owner of fit+ Schweiz GmbH take over numerous studios in Germany - and expand their licensee ship abroad. Some international markets are already in operation, the next clubs are opening in four other European countries, there are licensee requests for five other markets, including overseas.

In addition to currently 130 studios in Germany, there are already fit+ branches in Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Belgium. The next clubs will open in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, France and Spain. The fit+ team handles further Master Licensee requests for Italy, the United Kingdom, Ireland, as well as Vietnam and the United Arab Emirates.

Digitalization also helps: "Our studios are free to enter, simply via QR code," explains Torsten Boorberg. "What was considered innovative but exceptional before the pandemic is our license to grow in times of contact restrictions," explains Boorberg. Many gyms operators come up to fit+ with conventional concepts with the desire to switch to the staff-less and contactless concept.

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